Create YOUR OWN Coin

I offer you a functional coin, based a recent source code of Litecoin, Dash and PIVX. With custom collateral structure, custom reward scheme, and personalised wallet color theme.

PoS Masternode

$750 USDT


Equivalent in Master



  • Professional consultation for PoS/Masternode Coin Project
  • Based on PIVX 3.0 and PIVX 4.0
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04, Windows 32 Bits and 64 Bits
  • Free Blockchain Explorer Installation
  • Custom Collateral Structure
  • Custom Reward Scheme
  • Custom Reward Develper Optional

Other blockchains that i'm currently experimenting to fork are

Scrypt PoW / PoS / Hybrid

This type of blockchain doesn't support Masternode
based on Litecoin or Blackcoin

Cold Staking Blockchain

A New blockchain technology, a fork of Bitcoin
the main features are dPos or Cold Staking and Decentralized Applications